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Fast, efficient and safe

This is how products from our warehouse reach you or your customers.

Experience the comfort of cooperation with a trusted supplier

At Sollux, you are assured of the safety of your product through a secure packaging process that eliminates the risk of claims due to damage. For customers, this means saving time and costs associated with returns. For the retailer, on the other hand, a safely delivered product facilitates building a positive image among customers and increasing their trust in the brand.

We process each order according to the order in which the purchase information is received in the system. We do not prioritize higher-value orders, because for us, all customers and relationships are equally important.

Monitoring the package

At all times, you can track online the progress of your order’s delivery based on the order number.


We include a return form with each order so that if necessary, the customer can simply and efficiently return the goods.

Domestic and global shipments

We manufacture in Poland, but we share our lamps with the world. We carry out domestic and global shipments.

Order processing at Sollux Lighting

Product purchase

Immediately after the customer finalizes the purchase of a product, we receive information on which goods and the form of delivery he has chosen. That’s all we need to get started.

Order fulfillment in stock

The order goes into our sales system, and then an employee selects the purchased products in the warehouse and hands them over for packaging.

Packaging and shipping

We pack the products in cardboard boxes with cardboard filling, which protects the goods from damage in transit. We affix a special label to the package for the courier, who delivers the parcel directly to the customer or the selected pickup location.

Take advantage of Sollux quality

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Offer for online store owners with 1 to 5 employees.


Offer to online store owners with 6 to 50 employees.


Offered to online store owners with 51 to 200 employees.

and designers

Offer for aspiring architects and designers who work as freelancers.

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