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Get ahead of the competition.

Deliver products much faster than your competition and send packages directly to your customers from your own warehouse.

Do you have your own warehouse?

You have an advantage over the competition.

Utilize it to increase your turnover.

Order fulfillment time is one of the key aspects that influence the decision to purchase a product from a particular store. Customers want it to be as short as possible. Having your own warehouse allows you to meet their needs, gaining an advantage over the competition, higher revenues, and more opportunities.

Faster deliveries

Self-storage of products allows you to ship them to customers immediately upon receiving an order.

Greater efficiency

Certainly, you can easily respond to market needs, flexibly adjusting your offer to demand.

Enhanced control

You have full control over the entire sales process, which translates into more efficient order fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction.

Discover the process of profitable cooperation:

We analyze which Sollux products are most frequently purchased in your store

You introduce several of the best-selling SKUs into your own warehouse

You fulfill orders much faster, directly from your warehouse

We replenish warehouse stocks as often as you want. So, you’ll utilize 100% of the space, and if any product doesn’t sell – we’ll replace it with another one free of charge.

Polish quality, chosen by all of Europe and the rest of the world.

Our goods are produced in Poland using components from Poland and other European countries. We are a manufacturer, not an intermediary importing from China.

We guarantee a consistent supply without any delays or quality issues. We dispatch our products within 48 hours of placing an order and sell them in 24 countries on two continents. With us, high quality aligns with an attractive price.

Collaborate with us.

How to become a Sollux Partner?

Submit a request for cooperation in the “Own Warehouse” model.

We will establish individual terms of cooperation and sign a contract.

We will help you choose products and provide a complete set of marketing materials.

We will analyze your results and advise on how to increase sales.

Do you want to gain an advantage over the competition?

Submit your application, and our advisor will contact you within 1 business day to provide more details on this matter.

Why is it worth it?

Low logistics minimum

We offer free shipping for products with a relatively low value of your basket, starting from 500 PLN net.

Flexible conditions

With us, it is easy to reach an agreement! For larger orders, we are open to negotiating the terms of cooperation.

No double shipping costs

By having products in your own warehouse, you avoid double shipping costs when ordering goods from multiple manufacturers.

Possibility of product exchange

Some products are selling poorly and are sitting in your warehouse? No worries, we will exchange them for free!

Your customers will love the style and quality of Sollux.

Yes, like thousands of other investors. Every year, a quarter of a million of our lamps are delivered to their homes and apartments. See what they say about the products:


Orders over 500 PLN net are delivered for free, while delivery for smaller orders costs 15 PLN net.

Of course. We rotate the goods to avoid blocking space in your warehouse.

Practically at any moment, we can send the missing goods to your warehouse because the average availability of our products exceeds 95%.

Orders placed by 10:00 AM can be processed on the same day.

Cash-on-delivery shipments can only be processed on our own waybill.

We provide a 5-year warranty on our products.

The availability of products in the first quarter of 2023 was 95%.

Be the customers' first choice - reach them faster than the competition.

Submit the form, and our advisor will contact you within 1 business day to provide more details on this matter.