Lack of storage?
No problem!

Expand your capabilities and increase your company’s profits with efficient dropshipping solutions from Sollux. Try them out right now!

Little time and a lot on your mind?
Time for change

Running a small business has its own rules. Unlike large companies, you don’t have employees to do everything, so you usually take care of everything yourself.

Logistics, finance, customer service, sales… The day-to-day consumes your time and energy, making your business growth and profits stagnate. But they don’t have to at all!

With dropshipping from Sollux, you have fewer responsibilities and more time and opportunities to grow your business wisely. Because it doesn’t matter WHEN you work. What matters is HOW you do it.

Small e-commerce can earn a lot
- without investment in goods or storage

Our dropshipping offer allows you to expand your store’s offerings with attractive products at no additional cost. You can also use it if you are just starting out with an e-commerce business and want to sell on marketplace platforms. Bet on the high quality, availability and variety of Sollux lamps to attract more customers, grow your business and maximize your income.

With us, it’s really easy.

Fewer responsibilities

Warehousing, packaging, distribution – we take care of these and many other tasks for you.

More time

With Sollux, you reclaim time for your business’ strategic activities: marketing and sales.

Higher profits

You get a set of marketing materials from us to help you promote and increase profits.

At Sollux, we know your challenges

And we have solutions for them.

Your challenges

Lack of storage space

You are short of space to store your goods, yet you don’t have the budget to rent additional space. You have too many responsibilities for the day-to-day management of your store.

Lack of time to update

Competition is high, a customers demanding – They are constantly looking for novelty and original solutions. But you you do not have time to regularly update your offer.

Product presentation

People buy with their eyes, so to win over the competition, the way you present your products and the quality of your graphic materials must be at the highest possible level. However, you lack experience and resources in this area, which makes marketing and sales difficult.

Our solutions

Taking over your responsibilities

Dropshipping with Sollux allows you to sell products without storage. You can make money without investing in additional space. We are the ones who take care of shipping products or handling returns.

Database of 900 products

We have a constantly expanding base of of over 900 productswhich you can automatically add into your e-commerce system using CSV and XML files. No more manual bidding changes!

High-end photos

We provide you with high-end photos of any setting, including backlit and arranged. You will receive sketches with dimensions and installation instructions for all products, allowing you to present them effectively and stand out from the competition.

We are a Polish manufacturer of lighting that is winning the hearts of more and more customers. Currently, every year quarter of our lamps find their way into homes and apartments around the world. They can also take up residence in the interiors belonging to your customers. Take advantage of the opportunities Sollux offers for you.

Why Sollux?

Maintenance-free B2B panel

Save your time by managing everything from one place. Our maintenance-free B2B panel allows you to process your order quickly and gives you full control over the entire cooperation process: from selecting products to setting their price.

Wide range of assortment

Many shapes, materials, designs and colors - choose from over 900 lamp models the one you want to offer your customers. The high level of product availability allows for lightning-fast shipping - in up to 48 hours.

Hassle-free returns and complaints

Does your customer want to return a product? No problem - we will quickly and efficiently handle the entire process. We know that the market is forcing stores to allow complaints and returns, as this affects customer satisfaction and brand feedback. That's why at Sollux we also take care of this aspect of working with our partners.

Individualized approach and multi-track support

We want to get to know your needs and step by step help you realize them. That's why we support you at every stage of the cooperation: from the selection of products, to introducing them to your offer, to sales and administration. You can use our knowledge and experience to grow your business.

Cooperate with us in the model of your choice:


Sell finished products online without the cost of investing in goods or your own warehouse. We ship orders from our warehouse straight to your customer.

Own warehouse

Do you have your own warehouse? Get ahead of the competition and process orders much faster than she did. Increase your turnover by shipping our products directly from your warehouse.

Own brand

Take your e-commerce business to the next level and sell products under your logo. Create your own range of unique fixtures using our resources.

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