Optimize your logistics thanks to its own warehouse and your own brand

Big business = big challenges? Explore our solutions to keep your e-commerce running like a well-oiled machine and generating more and more sales.

Full control of the business

Business development is a process, and we will help you gain full control over it. With Sollux, you will eliminate the risk of hold-ups, delivery delays and many other problems common to e-commerce companies.

Not only do we know your challenges very well, but we also have the resources to address them effectively. Take advantage of our know-how to gain a competitive edge, respond efficiently to customer needs, and grow your business faster.

Compete on quality, not price

At Sollux Lighting, we offer our partners not only the best lighting fixtures, but also the opportunity to create a private label and cooperate in a self-storage model. These are solutions that allow you to optimize the performance of your e-commerce business for profitability.

Own warehouse

The self-storage model will allow you to get products to your customers faster and avoid delays and delivery problems. The analysis showed that the highest turnover is generated by those Partners who ship the fastest-moving products from their warehouses. You can be one of them.

Own brand

Sell the luminaires we produce under your own brand and build a unique product offering. Meet customer expectations by participating in the design process. In this model, you decide which lamps we will produce for you. We will guide you through the entire product launch process – all the way to the sale.

At Sollux, we know your challenges

And we have solutions for them.

Your challenges

Fight for customers

The constant battle for customers means you have to lower prices to keep your offerings competitive. This leads to lower margins and lower profit, from which it is difficult to maintain a quality team and grow the business.

Manufacturing in China

Currently, you produce private label brands in China, which often involves lead times of more than 4 months , makes it difficult to predict rotation and replenish the warehouse. This translates into customer dissatisfaction and sales declines.

Lack of time

You have a large company that requires a complex organizational structure. At the same time, the multitude of tasks and unexpected difficulties in fulfilling orders lead to communication and coordination problems. As a result, there is not enough time for strategic work and business development.

Our solutions

Shape pricing policy

Introduce your own brand of luminaires and freely shape pricing and margins. Gain greater control over the quality of your products and a competitive advantage in the form of a unique, distinctive offering.

Production in Poland

With Sollux, you can produce private label brands in Poland and reduce lead times to as little as 2 weeks. You can easily maintain continuity of supply, and we will adjust the rotation and replenish warehouses as needed, which will improve the company’s cash flow.

High quality and timeliness

We are a proven supplier that guarantees high quality and timely delivery. We provide comprehensive private label production, professional logistics services and product storage. With us, you can fully focus on business development, marketing and sales.

We are a Polish manufacturer of lighting that is winning the hearts of more and more customers. Currently, every year quarter of our lamps find their way into homes and apartments around the world. They can also take up residence in the interiors belonging to your customers. Take advantage of the opportunities Sollux offers for you.

Why Sollux?

Discover even more benefits

Dedicated consultant

As a B2B partner, you receive the support of a dedicated consultant for the entire period of cooperation. Our specialists will also help you solve technical problems and provide advice on commercial issues.

Possibility to exchange products

We replenish inventory as often as you want, delivering running out of goods to your warehouse within 24 hours. So you will use the space 100%, and if a product does not sell - we will replace it free of charge.

Quality control at each stage of production

We control quality at every stage of production, which translates into exceptional durability of our products. We carefully select raw materials and take care of the robustness of the construction, so that the products serve customers much longer than the warranty period.

Fulfillment of custom orders

We know that customers often have individual needs and requirements, so we are ready to respond to them. We give you the opportunity to personalize our products, flexibly adjusting to your expectations. Tell us about them!

Cooperate with us in the model of your choice:


Sell finished products online without the cost of investing in goods or your own warehouse. We ship orders from our warehouse straight to your customer.

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Own warehouse

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Own brand

Take your e-commerce business to the next level and sell products under your logo. Create your own range of unique fixtures using our resources.

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