3D model database

With you and your projects in mind – and to facilitate our cooperation – we are constantly expanding our database of 3D lamp models in dwg format. If you need a model that is not yet on the website – write to us – we will try to prepare it for you!
For technical matters, please contact us at mateusz.jura@sollux-lighting.pl

Climate of industrial interiors

Explore the section of lamps and wall sconces made of concrete, designed with loft arrangements in mind. Regular forms and textured surfaces make the lighting in this raw style perfectly fit into modern, minimalist interiors. Avant-garde at its best.

Inspiration by nature

Beauty and authenticity – the Peach Puff section draws heavily from the best patterns of nature. Here, you will find wooden lamps and wall sconces that will illuminate interiors in various styles. The designs are united by a strong inspiration from the organic architecture movement, with references that can even be seen in the details.

Geometry of style

Timeless classics, i.e., lampshades in geometric shapes, are the main theme of the 2BM section. Here, you will find universal lamps and chandeliers that will look good in both modern, minimalist interiors and spaces with traditional decor.

Steel diversity

This section will surprise you with the variety of narrow steel lamps, whose shape is inspired by pipes. Although raw steel is associated with loft and industrial decor, such an application doesn’t have to be a rule. In our collections, you will also find models that will look great in interiors with “warmer” styles.

The Art of Simplicity

Deep Space is characterized by simplicity of form and richness of content. Simple design and regular shapes inspired by geometric forms make it a lighting proposition for modern, elegant interiors. Durable aluminum shades in various color options will satisfy anyone looking for stylish design.

Full-blown avant-garde

In Blue Sapphire, you will find designs that awaken interior design senses. Original, stylish lamps capture attention not only with their brightness but also with their shape: from minimalist to rich, decorative forms.

Functionality in a good style

Here, wall sconces and ceiling fixtures reign for design enthusiasts who appreciate functionality. Explore a wide range of minimalist steel lamps with one or multiple bulbs and adjustable light direction. Various color options make it easy to customize them to your interior.

Outside the box

An avant-garde collection of lamps from an Italian designer with 20 years of experience. Ezio Pescatori plays with form, boldly and with dazzling effect, creating lighting in original styles. He escapes the schemes, and his designs captivate the eye with unconventional shapes.

Harmony of shapes

Raw steel dressed in a delicate form. In the Powder Blue section, you will find pendant lamps with symmetrical, geometric shapes that enchant with their elegance. Bent steel creates beautiful fixtures with a unique character – perfect decorations for modern interiors.

Loft minimalism

Discover how little is needed to stand out and complement the space. In this section, simplicity reigns supreme: lighting installations without fixtures, shades, or lampshades. Minimalism in a modern, loft style and surprising color variations.

Ceramic decorations

Ceramic models of modern lamps and sconces with bidirectional lighting are solutions for every type of space: from residential to office. The smooth texture of the housing gently fades into the shadow during the day but becomes an excellent interior decoration when the lamp is lit. Perfect balance between form and content.

Versatility of applications

Elegant ceiling lamps with a regular shape, simple lines, and a large illuminated surface are a versatile proposition for interiors in various arrangements. The minimalist form allows for the use of even several pieces in one room, creating an interesting pattern on the ceiling.

Creative elegance

Lamps made of white glass in shapes far from the well-known classics! Enriched with wooden and steel elements, they will perfectly fit into elegant or rustic interiors. Check out what has emerged from bold play with form and attention to high functionality.

Spherical harmony

In this section, you will find minimalist pendant lamps in the shape of a sphere. Thanks to various color options and sizes, they will fit into many modern interiors. See how the original colors harmonize with the balanced design!

In steel arms

Crimson offers modernist lamps in seemingly diverse styles, yet visually cohesive. Bulbs with interesting shapes are mounted on both symmetrically curved and straight steel arms. Unpredictable sophistication and surprising distinctiveness? Yes, it’s all here!